Scrutinize business to retain profits

According to Modern Baking, creative thinking ensures Paul’s revenue:

Natural disasters can wreak havoc on a bakery’s profits, but they can also make it better by forcing the owners to seek out new business. Paul’s Pastry Shop found itself in just such a situation after Hurricane Katrina. The bakery was in the midst of constructing a new facility when the hurricane hit. “We had a long time getting built. We had 10 months longer than we expected to get into this building because we couldn’t get people here to build it,” says Sherri Paul Thigpen, second-generation owner of the full-line retail bakery in Picayune, Miss. “It very much put a strain on us financially because we didn’t plan on having a note on this place and not be open. I think that you have to go out and look for business sometimes.”

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