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Nan Kelley from One Pan Nan recently published an article and video to document her experience with a Mardi Gras King Cake from Paul’s Pastry Shop!

We’ve always gotten our king cakes from Paul’s Pastry Shop in Picayune, Mississippi. Picayune is close to the Mississippi/Louisiana border and they’ve been in business since the 70s. Paul’s was the first to do “filled” king cakes–with fruit and cream cheese fillings and you can’t beat ’em!! You can get them in many combinations and flavors. You can have one flavor for the whole cake or up to 4 different combinations. My favorite is Blueberry Cream Cheese and it is delicious! When you shop at the store, the cakes are fully decorated, but when they ship them to you, they arrived unadorned and you get to have all the fun of sprinkling on the Mardi Gras-colored sugar, almonds, and that delicious glaze.

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