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eat. drink. MISSISSIPPI 

Paul’s Pastry Shop was honored to be the featured business selected for the eat. drink. MISSISSIPPI magazine’s premier edition. Click the following link to read the full article: eat-drink-ms-pauls-pastry-article

I Got A Filling: Paul’s Pastry 

From NOLA Defender (by Kyle Gilmore, published 1/23/2011): Entering Week 3 of our King Cake Quest, we needed a bit of fresh air. So we turned up the blues and drove across state lines to Paul’s Pastry, which has been making delicious King Cakes in Picayune, Miss., since the early 1970’s. Paul’s is a family […]

Picayune’s Pastry King 

From Southern Living: Tell the folks in Picayune, Mississippi, that king cakes are strictly for Mardi Gras, and they’re liable to shake their heads in pity for those of us who don’t know any better. For them, any day is a good day to serve this pastry. Touted as “the biggest little bakery in South […]

Scrutinize business to retain profits 

According to Modern Baking, creative thinking ensures Paul’s revenue:Natural disasters can wreak havoc on a bakery’s profits, but they can also make it better by forcing the owners to seek out new business. Paul’s Pastry Shop found itself in just such a situation after Hurricane Katrina. The bakery was in the midst of constructing a […]

Pauls Pastry thrives after disaster 

The following was posted on Modern Baking: Though the national news media covered in excruciating detail Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coasts, one would be hard pressed to recall any positive reports coming from the storm’s aftermath. Certainly none about the area’s wholesale, retail and supermarket bakeries and bakery supply houses, […]

Crab ‘n’ Corn Bisque from Paul’s Pastry 

Recipe for Crab ‘n’ Corn Bisque served in a Bread Bowl (Boule) is posted on the WLOX website at Compliments of Chef Ed Hahn.

Paul’s Pastry Shop kneads a ton of dough in Picayune 

Mississippi Business Journal publication posted on PICAYUNE – George and Barbara Bush order their king cakes. Garth Brooks loves them. Trent Lott has king cakes shipped to his U.S. Senate office in Washington. Celebrated Cajun chef Justin Wilson favors them, too. Folks from corporate America to the entertainment business to neighbors frequent Paul’s Pastry […]